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Rob Stark
3 min readJul 17, 2020


The days of lonely coding are long passed since the evolution of pair programming. It is a procedure where two software developers participate and collaboratively work mutually. The two developers take shifts and constantly switch roles in writing code: one being the Driver, who writes the code, and the other is the Navigator, who monitors and analyzes the code.

Many developers use pair programming, especially those who work for a web design agency because it enables them to finish their projects quicker and easier than when coding solo due to the decreased distractions and enhanced focus. Developers can also use pair programming remotely, and hence the name “remote pair programming”.

1. Teletype for Atom

● Teletype is designed by GitHub

● It is a free and open-source package created specifically for Atom

● Used to bring social coding convenience for software developers

● Teletype uses WebRTC peer-to-peer connection encryption

2. Microsoft Visual Studio Live Share

● Visual Studio Live ShareImagine can solve the latency problem

● It enables you to edit and debug with your collaborators in real-time you do not need to clone or set up their environment

● Collaborators will be able to set breakpoints and code together

● Moreover, users can view the databases without exposing the ports to the internet

3. CodePen

CodePen is one of the most popular social coding programs among front-end designers

● It allows those with a Pro subscription to access the “Collab Mode,”

● Here multiple users can edit and modify a single Pen at the same time

4. Codeanywhere

● Codeanywhere is an efficient code-editing platform

● It allows developers to collaborate in real-time with a built-in terminal console

● Here users can share their files and code from any device

5. Remote Collab for SublimeText

● If you use SublimeText, remote pair programming will be possible for you via the Remote Collab plugin

● It lets developers code together in real-time for a particular project

● Remote Collab is restricted to each session

6. CodeSandbox Live

● CodeSandbox is now available for real-time collaboration using its live mode

● Developers can simultaneously create, delete, edit, write code, and move files, just like in with Docs

● They can additionally view which files the collaborators are working on while keeping their editor features.

7. Cloud9

● Cloud9 is one of the most prominent Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs)

● They provide developers with the best cloud-based code editor, terminal, and debugger

● Remote pair programming is available in Cloud9, allowing developers to share their preview and even their entire program development

● Collaborators will be able to see each other’s cursors as they type, run the app, etc.

● All users’ contributions will be visible from the colored lines making it easy to track the changes.

8. Codeshare

● Codeshare is an easy and convenient online code editor

● Here developers can share their code in real-time

● No signing up is required

● Developers can write or copy the code, then share it with their collaborators and troubleshoot mutually for many purposes

9. Brackets

● Brackets is a modern, open-source code editor founded by Adobe

● It offers visual tools and preprocessor support in an easy and convenient in-browser design

● At Brackets, the real-time collaboration will be made possible via an extension

10. Coda

● Coda is well known for its abundant features

● The features include a valuable under-the-radar collaborative tool

● Formerly produced by The Coding Monkey, Coda’s collaborative tool is called SubEthaEdit

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