How to grow your business with email marketing?

Rob Stark
4 min readJul 24, 2020


Email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-efficient techniques to improve your business. Here in this article, we discuss how to grow your business with email marketing. You don’t require to put all of them into working at once to have accomplishment. Complete only a few of these instructions to start, and you will see a positive impression on the fullness of your business. Keep in mind that these plans are not indexed by the hierarchy of importance. It’s totally up to you to choose what is appropriate for you.

1. Promote your new products or services

There is nothing more agreeable than sending an email campaign to encourage a new service or product. Don’t neglect to list the advantages of your product or service in your email. If your readers know “what’s in it for them”, your email is also likely to have an influence.

2. Build customer loyalty

If you want to build a long-term relationship with your clients, email is the choice to make. Some instances of personalized emails you can send to your contacts are greeting cards, newsletters, etc.

3. Educate your customers

The same questions will usually come up, which is why most businesses have a “frequently asked questions” segment on their website. You can go the additional mile and approach these issues in the form of a blog post or webinar etc. If those fundamental questions aren’t responded preemptively, customers might call your company’s customer service partners, which will acquire additional costs by tying up relevant manpower.

4. Ask for testimonials

Employers ask for recommendations when they select a new employee. Because people like to discover what others have to say about them, and the theory applies to businesses also. So why not ask for a testimonial from a customer who recently bought a product or service from your business?

5. Send a case study

Much more specialized than customer testimonials, case studies can prove to be a very useful way of talking about a problem that your product or service has triumphantly succeeded. Readers love statistics, they make placing things into scene easier thereby creating your document come to life.

6. Generate web traffic

Sending a periodical newsletter is one of the most efficient ways to make traffic on your website. It is also a highly practical way to train your clients by steering them to a blog post. The important thing is to make sure to include the impact of a newsletter on your sales.

7. Create a cross-promotion with another company

If you have acquired partnerships over the years, it may be very exciting to cross-promote through them to both be recognized by your respective contacts.

8. Improve your brand’s image

The more your customers constantly see your logo and branding, the more suitable they are to think of you for coming purchases. This is why it’s necessary to prioritize proper email communication with your contacts. In an ideal world, you must stay faithful and communicate at regular interludes, so that your readers start anticipating your email (a monthly newsletter, for example).

9. Increase your credibility

If you periodically send quality content, appropriate to a specific topic, you will instantly increase your credibility with your readers, which will help them choose in your favor when they choose to take action.

10. Make new opportunities

Publishing a class newsletter can assist you to make new opportunities such as partnerships, media interviews, etc. All it takes is the appropriate person to read your content at the proper time. Such an opening may come from your piece being shared and not from original contact. It’s all about producing useful and informative content that somebody will want to share.

Concluding note

These 10 email marketing policies will allow you to improve your business. Here is the golden rule: Send appropriate content to your contacts. For every email sent, set yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if the content of your email is important and attractive to them.

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